I'm a wedding photographer who loves shooting memories!

About Me

Let me start by not telling you about known cliches, of the time that i realized i was fond of photography, or the first time i got my camera(with a film at that time) and other similar. My strong belief is that you can get the feelings directly from my photographs and better understand my artistic approach.

What might be of interest to you is that on my wedding day, did not have the kind of photographer that would catch sentimental moments, through his lens. With an approach to guide the viewer and re-create feelings, moments and reveal the atmosphere, by simply looking at these photos.

By using wedding photography, as a starting point, aim to catch moments that last through time. I like approaching photography with vintage elements, but also fashion wise. Trying to evolve day by day and allow my spontaneous moments to re-configure shooting approach.

During your wedding day, you deserve to get all beautiful moments, that my lens will catch, even if you do not see them at that day.

Let’s talk in person for all details you might be interested in and extra options that can provide you.

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